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Top Digital Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Small Business in Belfast

Establishing an effective digital marketing strategy is a necessity if you want your business to stay ahead of the competition. Doesn’t matter whether your business is B2C or B2B if it doesn’t have some sort of online presence, then your business is destined for doom. A major challenge for business owners, especially small businesses, is getting started. Delving into the digital space may be overwhelming to those who are new to this concept. However, by reading this article you should be able to understand what you should be doing this year to push your business miles ahead.

Invest In Local Search Engine Optimization

The internet has deeply penetrated every aspect of our lives. Before making any decisions, it has become the norm to first search the internet. This is especially so when we are about to make any type of purchase. We first check the internet to find out which sites are offering the product, which sites are offering the best deals, and which businesses are at close proximity, that is if they do have a physical store location.

You’d want your business site to appear among the top results when consumers search for a product or service you are offering, and that’s where local SEO does. In essence, local SEO is a way of promoting your business to the local market. To get started, since Google is the most popular search engine, you can claim and optimize your Google My Business listing. The listing shows users your business’ details when they google your business or related keyword.

Another technique of Local SEO is ensuring that your website has localized website content based on local keywords. However, you should avoid keyword stuffing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing should definitely be at the top of your digital marketing strategy. It has been proved to have a high rate of return on investment of about $38 for every $1 spent. You should keep in mind that retaining a loyal consumer base is much trickier than acquiring new customers. The aim of email marketing is to build a lasting relationship with your customers by constantly being in touch with them. Consider requesting your customers to provide their emails. You can then use these emails to inform them more about your business, new products, promotions, and any other important information.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a very powerful tool in digital marketing. Statistics indicate that over 70% per cent of people online are social media users and if your business is able to attract the attention of even a fraction of that, then expect your brand to significantly gain traction.

Ensure that your business has an active and interactive social media page. Engage with your audience by coming up with relevant topics of discussion and always reply to comments and feedback.

Invest In Live Videos

Live videos are a great way to boost your marketing campaign. Marketing research has shown that live videos grab consumers’ attention better than other means. Live videos add a much needed human element to your business and consumers are able to get a better insight into your business. There are numerous platforms that your business can make utilize to stream live videos Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Utilize Online Networking Sites

Networking sites such as Linkedin help you and your business to connect with both consumers and other business. Networking with other non-competitive business in the same field is a great way to put your name out there. Connecting with other businesses can help your business in link-building campaigns, which exposes your business to an expanded customer base.

Digital marketing in Belfast should be at the core of any business’ marketing strategy. Raising brand awareness is what ensures that your business is profitable and constantly growing. If your business isn’t engaged in any or all of the above marketing techniques, you should seriously consider getting on with it as soon as possible. Furthermore, digital marketing doesn’t require a significant amount of capital to be successful, creativity and determination are what truly matter.

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